At Astron Zeal, we work within a variety of industries and can fill many different positions, from temporary and contract to staff to long-term executive positions. Don’t spend your valuable time evaluating and interviewing the wrong people. We can connect you with the right people for your company, freeing you up to run your business and focus on other important tasks.

Knowledge of the market

We keep our finger on the pulse of the APAC job market so we can provide you with valuable insights regarding available talent (and how to reach them), career expectations, salary trends, available skill sets, and potential hiring challenges in your industry. We can offer human capital solutions when you run into workforce challenges. We’ll function as your partner and collaborator, acting as your eyes and ears in the market.

Candidates – not just applicants

Hiring is about much more than attracting applicants. A lot of the people who respond to advertisements for jobs may not be a good match for the position, and this causes you to waste a significant amount of time vetting, assessing, and interviewing them anyway. Bad experiences with applicants are common; bad experiences with candidates are not. We’ll make sure you see only candidates – pre-screened applicants who match your criteria and are worthy of consideration.

Extended Reach

Sometimes, the best candidates are hard to find. They may be very selective, or they may be passive – in other words, not actively looking. If they don’t respond to job listings, are too busy to spend their time searching, or don’t see themselves as the talent you’re looking for, you may not find them or be able to reach them at the right time, but there’s a good chance we can. We know where and how to reach passive candidates through our extensive professional networks, and we can connect our clients to people with experience and a variety of skills – even those who may be off your radar.

Employer brand

Large organisations often invest a lot of money and time into developing and marketing their brand as employers, but many small- and medium-sized businesses don’t have the resources to do the same. We can help by giving your candidates insights into what it’s like to work for you, the openings and benefits you have available, and your company culture. We’ll spend time getting to know you so we can represent you accurately and positively. We’ll be able to answer any questions the candidates may have before they choose to apply.

Key strategic skills

Many companies choose to work with recruitment firms to gain access to their strategic skills regarding finding talent. We have the resources and knowledge we need to bring in experienced, qualified candidates, whether you need temporary or contract staffing or a long-term solution. Considering recent talent shortages, it can be very helpful to have an effective partner assisting you in your search. At Astron Zeal, we’re connecting talent to ambition.